School eLockersSchool eLockers

School eLockers

Whether you want to share content, enable peer assessment, provide private 1:1 feedback or encourage collaboration through your smartphone, iPad, Tablet or Computer School eLockers™ covers the lot.

Finally a product that is built for schools that’s Education specific, Safe, Scalable, Integrated with other products and above all simple to use. School eLockers™ is the only choice for your School’s device agnostic ICT strategy.

Campus eLockersCampus eLockers

Campus eLockers

Wander around your University or College Campus and you can’t fail to observe the ever-increasing amount of ‘smart’ devices being used by both staff and students. Modernising your communication approach to enable combined technologies can dramatically enhance learning and teaching both in and out of the classroom.

Campus eLockers™ provides a simple, effective bridge between existing university technology systems and mobile devices.

eLocker SuiteeLocker Suite

eLocker Suite

eLocker Suite radically improves and supports how members of an organization interact with each other and with clients. Simple collaboration spaces can be setup and mapped to an existing organizational hierarchy.

eLocker Suite simplifies the sharing of projects with clients and automates review and approvals mechanisms.

Proximity eLockersProximity eLockers

Proximity eLockers

Proximity eLockers is a resource delivery and collaboration platform designed specifically for Museums and Galleries. Proximity eLockers provides a powerful and intuitive way to directly manage content.

Proximity eLockers is future proof. Any form of digital content can be pushed to a user’s device, based on their proximity and context and language and accessibility needs.