Pandemic Solutions

The world has changed forever. In this new post-pandemic era, every organisation, educational institution and public attraction has an even greater duty of care. Social distancing, hand sanitizers, face masks and other precautions are the new normal.

The team at Specialist Apps has been working many long hours to come up with a range of digital solutions that can assist in these challenging times. These solutions have been driven by direct and urgent requests from some of our key clients, and we feel they may be of assistance to other organisations who are facing similar issues.


  • Stay ahead of rapidly changing situations, keep your entire school community informed.
  • Free to use for students, parents and school staff - simply download the app and select your school.
  • Dont wait for your community to look at your website, push your key information directly to their personal devices.
  • Stay in control of your messaging, reach all your community regardless of location
  • Zero administration overhead.


  • Send real time alerts to anyone in your local council region.
  • Push surveys and feedback forms directly to your constituents’ smartphones.
  • Making smart cities smarter, by extending the reach of public announcements and increasing the immediacy of information dissemination.
  • Providing real time feedback mechanisms, including push-surveys
  • In these rapidly changing times of crisis and great uncertainty, it is more important than ever that Councils keep their residents and businesses informed of safety initiatives, changing regulations and facilities closures. Quickly and with the minimum of fuss!

  • Features of the testing station include:
  • powerful, high definition imaging engine
  • state of the art AI driven face detection for rapid auto-lock on test subjects
  • Non contact, long range Infrared temperature sensor – 0.4 to 0.7 metres
  • fast and accurate display of acquired temperature readings and status
  • Real-time voice feedback on body measurements - “temperature is normal”, “temperature is abnormal” etc
  • Optional face-mask detection with reminders “remember to wear your face mask”
  • Automatic Gate Control - access can be granted or blocked automatically when deployed in conjunction with automatic access gates.
  • Optional digital alerts mechanism to automatically notify designated monitoring staff of abnormal readings
  • Automatic wake up when person is detected within sensing proximity
  • ZERO Setup required – ready to deploy “as is”

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