Location Based Gaming

Specialist Apps Location Based AR gaming engine has been designed to add fun, education and excitement to visitor experiences. Practically any indoor or outdoor attraction can be enhanced through gamification.

Our Location Based AR Gaming Engine, originally developed in conjunction with the National Museum of Singapore, can save your institution man months of research and development time and money. This form of content delivery can be used in a variety of ways to produce a unique and unforgettable visitor journey that utilises the latest cutting edge AR location based technology.

The Ghosts of Port Adelaide game makes use of the very latest location based Augmented Reality and Wayfinding technology. Visitors are guided to haunted locations around the Port.

Upon arrival at a designated location, the user is challenged to capture photographic evidence of any paranormal activity!

The location based AR game variation for a zoo scenario brings Dinosaurs back to life.

The engine is used for delivering a unique experience of a Dinosaur encounter by presenting animated Dinosaurs in their natural size and scale and allowing for a 360 degree walk around.

The gaming engine can also deliver educational information in a visual and exiting way.

The National Museum of Singapore and Specialist Apps have developed a new location based AR Treasure Hunt game designed to lead visitors on a journey through the museum.

Based on paintings and drawings from the Farquhar Collection, visitors set off in search of Birds that have escaped from the “Story of the Forest” .

Beacons trigger an AR Bird chase, with visitors aiming to collect all 8 birds and guide them back to the Story of the Forest. Each bird collected can be viewed as a “pocket pet” using a special Farquhar Collection Card available from the Visitors Service Counter.

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