Touch Screen Kiosks

Bringing visitor information to where your users are, 24/7

We can adapt hardware to be suited for practically any location, including indoor, outdoor, harsh environments, including fully off grid locations powered entirely by renewable energy. We can add 4G routers, Cameras, security monitors, public hotspots, phone power bays and merchant payment facilities.

Content Customisation

The look and feel of a digital touch screen, including logos, splash videos, and overall layout can be personalised to your specific needs, quickly and easily.

Hyper Local

Any sized fleet of digital touch screen kiosks can be quickly and easily setup and managed through our DCMP. A quick set of parameters teaches the kiosk where it is located, what is nearby and automatically

Reporting and Analytics

Our apps offer comprehensive reporting of user behaviour. Quickly review when a kiosk is most used, how frequently, and what content user’s a most frequently searching for.

Simple configuration and virtually instant setup. Integration with external data stores and websites.

We can provide direct integration with a wide range of content stores and data repositories, including the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, and TourismNZ allowing rapid setup and population of content and removes any double handling of content.


We have worked closely with many clients to add and improve accessibility options for the touch screen kiosks. Initiatives include adaptive menu / interfaces, floating keyboards, and audio input / output options.

Intelligent interactions between Kiosks and SmartPhones

Dynamic QR code generation allows a user to quickly scan and take content from a touch screen to their pockets via a companion Visitor Engagement App. QR codes are generated automatically by the system on the fly for security, and simplifying content creation dramatically. Integration with latest Ai driven assistants

Creating seamless experiences

We can help deliver your vision for visitor engagement.

Develop the best strategies to reach your visitors… bring information to them when and where they need it most.

Combined digital signage approaches with Interactive Touch Screens, and / or QR Code signage, and Visitor Engagement Apps.

No one size fits all… we can help develop and deliver the best hybrid digital approach for your requirements that maximises effectiveness and minimises double handling of content.

We work with you to identify obvious quick wins based on your specific needs, and strategies that have worked for many of our other clients. Avoid common pit-falls or reinventing the wheel.

Touch Screen Kiosks

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