Interactive Information Kiosks

With Specialist App’s new ITS Interactive Touch Screen system, you can enhance and enrich a visitor’s engagement experience by providing relevant and personalized information, across multiple locations, and updated in real time. The new ITS system supports many forms of media, including images, video, text and audio, in multiple formats and in multiple languages.


  • Engage visitors by providing Rich, Interactive information tailored to specific locations. Information is enhanced with images, videos, soundscapes and interactive maps and standardized content templates.
  • Interact with a wider audience by providing interpretation content in multiple languages. Languages currently supported include English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Future proof your attraction space. The ITS Solution supports multiple touch screens locations, with quick, simple configuration and setup.
  • Additional screens can be added at any time. Remote access and automatic updates ensure each screen is running the very latest software version.
  • Save TIME and MONEY. All content for each screen can be centrally managed through a simple and flexible content management system utilizing secure Wi-Fi access.
  • Better understand your audience. Gain deeper insights into dwell times, visitor flow, and most popular animals / attractions. Remote monitoring and data logging allow provide valuable BIG DATA that can be accessed and interpreted through the analytics dashboard provided as part of the ITS System.
  • Inform visitors in real time about special events, deals and other announcements. Provide a targeted, richer experience, pushing real time information to specific screen locations or across an entire attraction space.

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