Augmented Reality at Waimangu Volcanic Valley, New Zealand

"We have found Specialist Apps to be a world class organisation to deal with. We have worked with them on some truly innovative ways to present what is unique and special about Waimangu Volcanic Valley for our visitors and the response has been great.

Using augmented reality has proven to be extremely useful as we look to engage guests in hidden aspects of our offering and the functionality for guests has been well received. A great bunch of talented people to deal with."

David Blackmore - General Manager, Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Where nature is too precious to touch, AR comes to help.  The Waimnagu Volcanic valley visitor engagement application is a great example of how AR can be used to deliver a variety of content in new and exciting ways, whilst keeping the physical world intact.

Virtual billboards replace unsightly physical billboards. AR overlays can show visitors before and after examples of landscape, and even bring lost wonders such as The Pink and White Terraces back to life.

Location based AR framework allows for easy augmenting of real world objects by providing a mechanism for attaching virtual objects and various additional information to real world objects at specific locations and configuring it for optimal viewing.

The benefits of location based AR framework developed by Specialist app include:

Support for variety of effects including 3D models, 2D virtual billboards and information panels, area overlays, boundary lines, visual comparisons charts etc

Built-in setup tools for optimal on-site configuration of AR affects at each location

Flexible placement without reliance on physical markers

Applicable to most outdoor locations

Reliable operation in various lighting conditions

Augmented valley image at Waimangu visitor center showing tour path and points of interest as an AR overlay

Waimangu home screen, allowing for quick and easy access of key features

Self guided offline tour with content automatically appearing as user approaches point of interest

Intelligent timetable with walking time indications from your current location to each bus stop

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