Our Interactive Way-Finding Maps

Specialist Apps’ advanced mapping and navigation framework allows you to create a fully customised intelligent wayfinding solution for any sized site.

Our wayfinding framework includes stylised, custom maps, turn-by-turn navigation directions and built-in instant search.

  • suitable for both outdoor and indoor wayfinding, guidance and navigation scenarios
  • works offline where Internet services are not available
  • real time content management
  • backed by simple visual backend management tools for maintaining and updating

  • Comprehensive, fully configurable search capabilities
  • Quickly discover where amenities, attractions or shows are located
  • Interactive map with dynamic routing and fully configurable pathways
  • Real time turn-by-turn instructions
  • Unique “Around me now” AR scanner.
  • Allows visitors to see in real time which attractions they are facing, and their distance from current location.

Augmented Wayfinding

Specialist Apps new AR wayfinding framework extends and builds upon our existing framework, adding a radical new Augmented Reality navigation, guidance and routing solution.

We have harnessed the power of the latest smartphone sensor technology by orchestrating accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, and magnetometer … all for one express purpose – simplification.

AR Wayfinding completely redefines and simplifies how users interact with maps, routing and guidance technology. Users are shown in real time where points of interests lie, and how to get to them. No more complex reading and interpretation of maps required.

Exploring what’s around:

AR Discovery feature allows quick, easy and natural exploration of the surrounding and finding tourist attractions and facilities nearby by simply moving your phone around.

It also helps with instant information about distance to destination and a quick visual preview of the path directly through the phone camera view.

Staying connected with your group:

AR Discovery helps with staying connected with you group or bus on an organized tour by providing visual marker for location of your group tour guide and your bus and keeping track of their location when they move around.

Simple visual navigation guidance:

AR Navigation feature provides simple visual navigation guidance to selected destination by displaying a visual path and visual directing user along.

This frees user from reading map and navigation directions allowing staying focused on the tour itself.

Backed by real time map data management tools:

AR Wayfinding module is backed by real time map data management tools allowing for quick visual setup and management of all data including setup of points of interest, facilities and navigational routing.

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