The advent of ultra-mobile devices combining ubiquitous internet access, large amounts of local storage, simple touch based user interfaces and a low cost of ownership represent one of the most profound developments in computing history.

Specialist Apps has been created to leverage the advent of these devices and the vast array of applications now possible.

Let Specialist Apps create the perfect app for youLet Specialist Apps create the perfect app for you

With teams based in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK, we have over 20 years of software development experience. Our philosophy is that software designed for mobile devices should be useful, intuitive and provide elegant solutions to complex problems.

With a proven track record for developing mobile solutions for the education and medical fields, our team of software designers is chosen because they represent the best of breed from Australia, Russia, China and the United Kingdom.

At Specialist Apps we utilise industry standards, and proven rapid development methodologies to deliver solutions in a timely, cost effective manner. We make extensive use of version control, revision tracking and code repositories to ensure the long term support of the product being developed.

The Specialist Apps business model is extremely flexible, with the ability to scale up or down to meet the demand of the project at hand. If you have a project you would like developed and are seeking an experienced development partner, click here to request a consultation.

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